Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our wild ride

Ike and I went on a crazy 70 mile roundtrip for of all things, Victoria Secrets. The ladies in the group will agree with me that if the bra don't fit. return it. Well. it was not as simple as that. Ike and I went too two different malls. One here which didn't have the right size and then to Temecula as the store here called and thet said " we have the size here". So off Ike and I went to Temecula. Now, it brought back so many memories for Ike and I. Most of you don't know the full story of how Ike and I came to be. I went to training in February Three years ago to get a service dog. I had lost the muscles in my leg after a DR told me I had a bone spur that wasn't. It turned out to be dead muscles and they had calcified themselves in order to keep toxins from destroying my liver and kidneys. I have had 92 surgeries in the last eight years. So, I went to CST with the dream of getting a dog to help me with stability, pick things up for me, help take my socks off, all the things he was going to be able to do..whohoo. So I go for my two week training. It's the Thursday before we get to take home the dogs on Friday. It rains, it never rains in SO Cal. All the CST dogs and people in training go to the movies. Ike is figeting so I think he needs to go out. Ike and I and a CST person walk out of the movie and we are going across a marble floor and WHAM, BOOM, AHHHH I go flying on the floor. The floor was wet from the rain and of all people to slip. Ike was doing his job and tried to keep me from falling but he just wasn't strong enough and I really went flying. So, off to the hospital I go. two surgeries later. Ike comes to visit me in the hospital which totally cheered me up, but, then I was told that since Ike was ready to go and who knows how long it will be until I recover, he might not get to be my dog. I was crushed. I was motivated! I got up and started working on how to run a scooter in nobody's business time:) I learned so quickly that CST wasn't prepared so soon to re-train Ike and I. They were shocked at how determined I was to get back on my feet and going again so soon after surgery. One last hurdle. I had to get a handicapped ramp for my car so that I could transport the scooter to Temecula to learn again with Ike. That took the longest two weeks of my life. I was back in Temecula (in a lot of pain mind you) in a month and got to bring home Ike a month and a half later. Since then we have not been apart except for the nights of surgery. Ike picked me and I was not about to let him down. So, going back to that mall brought back tears of pain and joy:)

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  1. What determination you have! I'm so proud of the fact that you worked so hard to ensure that you and Ike are the team you are today! Good for you!